Rants and Ramblings

Time for a little R n’ R.  In my world that doesn’t mean rest and relaxation, it means rants and ramblings.  I realized I need to open up about things that are happening right now, have happened to me recently, or  will happen and just are not able to be defined into any other blog category on this site.  If I had a shitty week, a good week, or if I died that week, you’ll hear about it here.  Although I can’t promise that if I died it will be me writing the blog.

8 thoughts on “Rants and Ramblings

  1. HeY you! I just thought I’d tell you something..
    That I’m sure you get all the time.
    I have tons of people always clicking on your image and looking at your gravatar and page.
    I think it so sweet : )
    See what happens when you have such a nice photo up! I didn’t want to put this on the front page.. Kinda being incognito telling you 🙂

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    1. Just thinking..I am now wondering if that is really you… I think I saw that pic on billboard driving through Dallas..
      Hmmmmm… I’ll have to check that out!
      Hope it rains tomorrow for ya!
      Looks like it will be sunny here.. Bittersweet I guess : )

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