Never A Groom

neveragroom take 2

It’s wedding season again, which means it’s either April, May, June, July, August, September, or sometimes October. I’ve realized no one gets married November through March. Maybe they don’t want to compete with major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, or maybe it’s just not warm enough to have an outside wedding. Oh yes, that’s apparently what everyone wants to have is a wedding outdoors. I get it. It’s warm, the birds are singing, and the two combine as a perfect backdrop to what is meant to be the perfect day of the beginning of your new perfect life with someone.

Truth is, I really love weddings. They’re like this one beautiful stress free event that everyone on the guest list looks forward to, unless you’re part of the wedding party. I’ve been a guest, a groomsman, but never the Groom. Will I be one some day? Maybe.  I mean, anything is possible, but I think I need to find that one person to be my Bride before I start fantasizing about what food we want to serve our guests, or what color tie should I wear and does it match my bride’s dress? Who am I kidding….I’m NEVER going to fantasize about those details which is why I prefer being a guest or a groomsman as opposed to being a Groom.

I never thought I would get married when I was younger, but as I’m getting older I keep getting these “Save the Date” cards in the mail, and I keep checking the box that says I prefer a filet mignon, and I keep watching my best friends get married, and I keep going to these weddings with the same woman who I HAVE NOT been dating since the year 2009. That’s us up there below the header. The fact that my tie matches her dress was not a coincidence.

So why haven’t I gotten married to this woman, and how did we meet, and why have I attended seven weddings with her if we broke up six years ago and have no plans to marry each other, regardless of how attractive our friends think our babies would be? Well, I guess that’s what this blog is about. Why am I always a guest or a groomsman at weddings, but never the Groom? It all started when I met Tasha back in June of 2007. Where did I meet her? You guessed it. At a wedding.



9 thoughts on “Never A Groom

    1. You’re welcome and thank YOU! I have been down for the same reason you started off about, yet I am more than intrigued…as well am thoroughly amused. 🙂 Once Parts 3-7 are completed, you have my word I shall read your newest 🙂

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