Shameless Self Promotion

As much as I don’t like to solicit myself or my work….

I was nominated for Performance of the Year by thepublicblogger here on WordPress.  It’s really an honor just to be nominated for ANYTHING in life, but especially for my writing which is dear to me and obviously something I love and would like to think will eventually support me…monetarily.

I’ll get right to the point.  I would just like to ask that you click on this link

You will find out more about the show, the 10 other bloggers who were nominated, and the story within the story. Perhaps you might like what you see….perhaps you will discover something new. Or perhaps you’ll be so enthralled by all this information coming at you that you may even want to visit my Facebook page by clicking on

this link here —>

Take a look around, click on some shit, like some stuff off Facebook.  You can even friend me and I’ll happily accept and look forward to the time when I can be of help to you.

Please feel free to like this post, comment on it, or tell me to go fuck myself.  When it comes down to it, I write this blog for me, and I don’t need an award to know who I am.

But a little recognition is always good for the soul.