I Knew You Were Trouble

I knew it from the first time I saw you. I knew it when we made eye contact through the glasses that you wore that one time because you once told me you were blind as a bat, but I’m positive that you have twenty twenty vision when it comes to me.

I knew it when you used deflection as a way of flirting to make it seem like there was no way in the world you would be caught dead next to me, but somehow that’s exactly where you ended up for most of that night.

I knew it that moment we sunk into our leather chairs at a table full of coins the night you showed up out of the blue.  I knew it that moment when we declared a thumb war, because when I tried to take mine away, you held onto it as if you knew neither one of us wanted to let go.

I knew it when I could see the smile in your eyes that is hard to capture with a common camera phone, so in my head I took the perfect picture and I didn’t need to add a filter at all.

I knew it that night because we both felt like we were keeping a secret, and I knew it the next day when I woke up wanting to tell someone about it so god damn bad.

I knew it that time when you added the cream to my coffee in mid sentence like it was something involuntary, and I knew it when you did it out of courtesy that time I took you out to breakfast at night.

I knew it when we started talking about the future while we were still living in the present and I knew it when all my friends blew up my phone over some image that they thought was righteous because of a hashtag we decided to use.

I knew it over the next few days when I kept telling myself to play it cool and to take it slow, and I knew it when I tried to follow through with my own advice, but for some reason I kept stumbling through my words and actions like the greenest of actors who is auditioning for the role of a lifetime.

I knew it when I woke up thinking about a Taylor Swift song that we listened to one morning and I knew it because it reminded me of what I already knew.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in. But that’s ok, because I like trouble.

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