Waking Up on a Monday

Today is one of those days when I couldn’t wait for the coffee maker to stop percolating so I could grab myself a cup.  It was one of those mornings when I wake up to social media posts I forgot to like before I fell asleep at 9pm the night before, and when I realize now that it’s just too much work to “turn on notifications” for everyone I follow on Instagram.  Might as well just disappear till the next update.

This is when I spend my time reflecting on the day ahead which sometimes means I have to go back and check my spelling, make an edit, or plan to make breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day and to those of you who don’t eat it, trust me, you ARE missing out. There is no rhyme or reason to these Mondays, but if I can be honest, the last two have caused me to stress out like a rubber band that can not snap back into place.

The weekend just passed me by and it will be awhile before the next one comes.  I got to say that I know that this one will be different because I won’t spend it feeling misunderstood for one, and I won’t spend it wasting my time like I have before.  There is a style to my rhetoric that some people just get, and other people just don’t, but either way I don’t feel like I want to explain myself all that often anymore.

This is one of those blog posts that was over before it started, just like the 19 hours I endured from Saturday to Sunday that made me realize that sometimes you CAN’T go back, even though I wanted to with you.  This is one of those Monday mornings that starts slow, but by eight o’clock pacific time, after twenty minutes of pondering and thinking really hard about the things that make you tick, and after you finally get that third cup of coffee in yourself, and after you write some cryptic words that only you will understand, perhaps you make the decision that maybe just this one time you CAN go back, even if it’s been twelve years since the last time you woke up this way.



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