This is My Therapy

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I used to complain a lot. I used to wonder why things would annoy me so much, then one day I accepted the brutal truth.  I realized I was allowing it to happen.  I still complain now, but I devised a plan to disguise it as a blog or social commentary,  but  if you know me, then you know I talk a lot about it too.  I can’t afford a shrink, so the next best thing for me to do when I need to vent, is to write about it.

I’ve been doing it for sixteen years, and my trick is to make my complaining appear like a form of art by wording it eloquently and making each post interesting, compelling, and sometimes funny.  It’s healthy for me to get it out, and it keeps me evolving. It’s only detrimental if I keep it inside and allow the shit to bother me.

These are the stories of my life because ultimately, I write what I know.   They have all happened to me in one way or another. I may have changed some names to protect my supporting cast, but ultimately, you know who you are.

When I write, I elaborate to be descriptive so you feel like you’re really there. I curse because it’s effective, and I make no apologizes if I offend you because it’s your choice to be offended, and it’s my choice to not feel guilty about any word of it that offends you.

I’ve made the same mistake more than once when it comes to life, love, and relationships but alas I still try, to try again. I’m a romantic by nature, and an optimist by nurture.  I believe in love because it is the hardest thing to explain, but the most powerful emotion on the planet.  Sometimes it makes me do dumb things, but other times it makes me do some great ones.  A lot of those stories are in here.

If you find this blog intriguing or captivating, please comment or let me know.  If you are compelled to re-read a story because it reminds you of YOUR life, then share it with someone else.

I do this because the world needs to read more than just tweets, status updates and likes. Don’t let anyone make you think that you have to limit yourself to 140 characters.  That’s not real life.

Welcome to Complaining is an Art Form.

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60 thoughts on “This is My Therapy

  1. Now you got me on this,”Don’t let anyone make you think that you have to limit yourself to 140 characters.That’s not real life”

    This is real life:when you take off every limitation to express yourself,pour out those thoughts that keep coming in.There’s no better way to achieve this than to provide yourself the platform

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